Crisis Response / Flight Team

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The Marion and Polk Regional Flight Team is a school-based crisis response team. The goal of the Flight Team is to assist schools in regaining stability in the wake of a crisis by supporting students and staff members experiencing loss, grief or trauma. The Flight team also supports the school administrator’s efforts to manage the many details associated with the response to a crisis.

Situations to provide assistance:

  • Death of a student or staff member
  • Serious injury to a student or staff member
  • A traumatic event or any event which polarizes, isolates or shocks people, such as the arrest of a staff member for a crime

Assistance often includes:

  • Assisting building administration in crisis management procedures
  • Providing information to staff on coping strategies
  • Providing Support Rooms for students and/or staff in crisis
  • Monitoring and counseling students/staff in need
  • Filling in for building staff so they can deal with the crisis
  • Making referrals and networking with the community
  • Assisting in organizing/planning school memory activity
  • Attending to small details so building staff can handle critical items
  • Assisting with follow-up needs


School administrators can request Flight Team support through WESD.

Primary contact:

Ann Taylor-Michaels
EI/ECSE ASD Consultant
Phone: 503.910.3736

Back-up contact:
Annette Skowron-Gooch
Special Education Coordinator
Phone: 503.385.4575

For detailed information about the Flight Team structure, function and services please contact Ann Taylor-Michaels.

For those interested in becoming a member of the team, please contact Ann Taylor-Michaels regarding upcoming training for new members. Districts outside Marion and Polk Counties are encouraged to send representatives to these trainings to support crisis response in their areas.