Employee Directory by Department

All WESD employees are listed below and grouped by department. Also see employees listed alphabetically.

First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Brian Florip Supervisor 503.385.4626 brian.florip@wesd.org
Dave Novotney Superintendent 503.540.4416 superintendent@wesd.org
Tishri Tucker Executive Assistant 503.385.4759 tishri.tucker@wesd.org
Business Office
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
April Felguth Accounting Manager 503.385.4694 april.felguth@wesd.org
Brent Halse Senior Accounting Clerk 503.385.4555 brent.halse@wesd.org
Hanh Dinh Grants & Contracts Accounting Clerk 503.385.4549 hanh.dinh@wesd.org
Judy Grant Payroll Specialist 503.385.4653 judy.grant@wesd.org
Kathy Villagomez Accounts Receivable Clerk 503.385.4698 kathy.villagomez@wesd.org
Kelli Lehrke Room Scheduler/Receptionist 503.385.4504 kelli.lehrke@wesd.org
Laura Norbury Special Education Accounting Clerk 503.385.4609 laura.norbury@wesd.org
Linda Law Accounts Payable 503.385.4514 linda.law@wesd.org
Mike Dunckel Director of Business Services 503.385.4611 mike.dunckel@wesd.org
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Angelina Campos Mail Room Assistant 503.385.4546 angelina.campos@wesd.org
Brad McDougal Maintenance 3 503.480.5856 brad.mcdougal@wesd.org
Danny Turner Custodian 503-883-3719 dan.turner@wesd.org
Gary Massey Maintenance 2 503.508.4918 gary.massey@wesd.org
Joe Scymanky Maintenance 971.237.3551 joe.scymanky@wesd.org
Luigi Quintos Courier luigi.quintos@wesd.org
Mike Dunckel Director of Business Services 503.385.4611 mike.dunckel@wesd.org
Human Resources
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Dale Koger Director of Human Resources 503.385.4540 dale.koger@wesd.org
Helana Jones Human Resources Specialist 503.385.4565 helana.jones@wesd.org
Melissa Ojeda-Hernandez Lead Human Resources Specialist 503.385.4752 melissa.ojeda-hernandez@wesd.org
Teresa Morris Human Resources Specialist 503.385.4706 teresa.morris@wesd.org
Information Technology
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Amy Rockwell Customer Support Specialist 2 503.540.4444 amy.rockwell@wesd.org
Ben Gibson IT Support Specialist 2 503.385.4857 Ben.Gibson@wesd.org
Bill Verant Application Developer 3 503.540.4457 william.verant@wesd.org
David "Dave" Briski IT Support Specialist 2 503.540.4418 dave.briski@wesd.org
David Gibson IT Support Specialist 3 503.385.4780 david.gibson@wesd.org
Dean Armer Application Developer 3 503.540.4441 dean.armer@wesd.org
Elisa Rogers IT Support Specialist 2 503.385.4851 elisa.rogers@wesd.org
Jason Cook Network Analyst 3 503.540.4451 jason.cook@wesd.org
Joe Hamilton Application Developer 4 503.385.4720 joe.hamilton@wesd.org
Jun DeLos Santos Network Analyst 2 503.540.4466 jun.delossantos@cascadetech.org
Kari Laizure Operations Manager 503.385.4867 kari.laizure@wesd.org
Kathy Villagomez Accounts Receivable Clerk 503.385.4698 kathy.villagomez@wesd.org
Matt Gibson IT Support Specialist 2 503.385.4811 matt.gibson@wesd.org
Michelle Yantz Customer Support Specialist 1 503.385.4522 michelle.yantz@wesd.org
Robin DeLoach Data Warehouse Project Director 503.540.4467 robin.deloach@wesd.org
Sabrina Carson e-Rate Coordinator 503.540.4495 sabrina.carson@wesd.org
Shannon Badger Customer Support Specialist 2 503.540.4446 shannon.badger@wesd.org
Solange Albelo Administrative Assistant 503.385.4856 solange.albelo@wesd.org
Susan McMullin Customer Support Specialist 3 503.385.4842 susan.mcmullin@wesd.org
Swapna Ramesh Application Developer 4 503.540.4445 swapna.ramesh@wesd.org
Toney Svay Application Developer 2 503.540.4446 toney.svay@wesd.org
Travis Johnson Application Developer 3 503.540.4446 travis.johnson@wesd.org
Migrant Education Program: Region 16
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Christine Amiel Amity, Sheridan, Willamina & YC Recruiter 503.435.5973 christine.amiel@wesd.org
Cye Fink Manager 503.540.4422 cye.fink@wesd.org
Elena Trevino Bilingual Senior Clerical Specialist 503.385.4806 elena.trevino@wesd.org
Laura Hoagland Regional Lead Recruiter 503.385.4564 laura.hoagland@wesd.org
Tina Garcia Director 503.385.4680 tina.garcia@wesd.org
Oregon Migrant Education Service Center
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Antonio Ramos Coordinator 503.540.4463 antonio.ramos@wesd.org
J. Jesus Sandoval Education Specialist 503.385.4845 jesus.sandoval@wesd.org
Jennifer Cuellar Program Trainer/ID&R 503.385.4685 jennifer.cuellar@wesd.org
Martha Arredondo Customer Support Specialist 503.540.4464 martha.arredondo@wesd.org
Olivia Gonzalez-Angelino Re-Interview/Recruitment Specialist 503.540.4475 olivia.gonzalez@wesd.org
Sue Cheavtharn OMSIS/MSIX Data Analyst II 503.385.4683 sue.cheavtharn@wesd.org
Teresa Mora Administrative Assistant 503.385.4592 teresa.mora@wesd.org
School Improvement & Instructional Services
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Alan LaDuca YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 alan.laduca@wesd.org
Ann Hagemann Registrar, Robert Farrell High School 503.986.0486 ann.hagemann@wesd.org
Barbara Moody YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 barbara.moody@wesd.org
Brian Hunter Attendance Officer- Falls City SD 503.385.4727 brian.hunter@wesd.org
Byron Miller YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 byron.miller@wesd.org
Carol Larson Coordinator 503.385.4728 carol.larson@wesd.org
Cathy McKern Barbering Instructor - RFHS 503.986.0440 cathy.mckern@wesd.org
Cherie Clark Willamette Promise Advisory Specialist 503.385.4699 cherie.clark@wesd.org
Chris Hatch YCEP Teacher-RFS 503.986.0440 chris.hatch@wesd.org
Clem Spenner Threat Assessment Consultant 503.385.4544 clem.spenner@wesd.org
Craig Roberts YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 craig.roberts@wesd.org
Dagny Brown Instructional Assistant 503.981.2545 dagny.brown@wesd.org
Diane Hass Transition Specialist 503.981.2545 diane.hass@wesd.org
Ernie Sowards Teacher/History 503.986-0440 ernie.sowards@wesd.org
Genelle White Teacher/Business/Math 503.981.2545 genelle.white@wesd.org
Gretchen Brunner Willamette Promise Coordinator 503.385.4426 gretchen.brunner@wesd.org
Heather Hamilton YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 heather.hamilton@wesd.org
Joy Kreinheder Career Facilitator, Robert Farrell High School 503.986.0440 joy.kreinheder@wesd.org
Kathy Cummings SIIS 503.559.8500 kathy.cummings@wesd.org
Keely Amaral Intake Registrar, Robert Farrell High School & Linn Benton JDEP 503.986.0434 keely.amaral@wesd.org
Keith Ussery Director: School Improvement and Instructional Services 503.385.4725 keith.ussery@wesd.org
Kim Snider YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 kim.snider@wesd.org
Koleka Sequeria GED Program Facilitator - RFHS 503.986.0440 koleka.sequeria@wesd.org
Lark Abrahamson Teacher - LHS 503.981.2545 lark.abrahamson@wesd.org
Marco Aguirre Instructional Assistant- Linn County JDEP 503.986.0440 marco.aguirre@wesd.org
Mary Ritter YCEP Teacher - RFHS 503.986.0440 mary.ritter@wesd.org
Matt Hennick Teacher/language Arts 503.986-0440 matt.hennick@wesd.org
Michael Conn Principal, YCEP 503-981-2500, 503-986-0484 michael.conn@wesd.org
Michelle Slate SIS- Administrative Assistant 503.385.4623 michelle.slate@wesd.org
Mike Orias Teacher/Welding 503.981.2545 mike.orias@wesd.org
Rebecca Carpenter Sexual Incident Response Consultant 503.385.4527 rebecca.carpenter@wesd.org
Rodney Dean Family Support Advocate 503.385.4812 rodney.dean@wesd.org
Steve Middleton YCEP Teacher - LHS 503.981.2545 steve.middleton@wesd.org
Susan Eyerly Instructional Assistant-RFS 503.986-0446 susan.eyerly@wesd.org
Tammy Halderman School Secretary, Lord High School 503.981.2545 tammy.halderman@wesd.org
Veronica Smith School Secretary/Robert Farrell 503.986-0440 veronica.smith@wesd.org
Special Education
First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Alecia Dixon EI\ECSE - EI Specialist 503.385.4635 alecia.dixon@wesd.org
Alison Forsyth Kaiser Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist 503.399.3187 alison.kaiser@wesd.org
Alistair "Ali" Rolle Lead Therapeutic Intervention Coach - Metsker Heights 503.435.5930 alistair.rolle@wesd.org
Allyson Finfrock EI-ECSE - Instructional Assistant 503.385.4735 allyson.finfrock@wesd.org
Amanda Krobroth Speech Language Specialist 503.385.4737 amanda.krobroth@wesd.org
Amanda Motley EI-ECSE - ECSE Specialist 503.385.4570 amanda.motley@wesd.org
Amanda Ojeda EI-ECSE - Instructional Assistant 503.362.1958 amanda.ojeda@wesd.org