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Technology Services Department

The Technology department provides a range of services and support that span from the provision of basic network infrastructure through to instructional strategies for technology-rich classrooms. All our technology services are tethered back to the core mission of improving teaching and learning through the appropriate use of technology. In support of that mission, we offer direct consultation, workshops, classes, and in-services to assist with the development of instructional skills and the implementation of state standards.

The Technology department not only supports our constituent school districts of Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties; we also partner with K-12 and Higher Ed agencies on projects that benefit students, families, and staff across Oregon. 

Supporting our customers' success with timely and accurate solutions. 

Technology Services Department Contacts

First Name Last Name Responsibility Email Phone #
Kari Laizure Operations Manager 503.385.4867
Robin DeLoach Program Director 503.540.4467
Solange Albelo-Catalan Administrative Assistant Solange 503.385.4856