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Program Overview
Oregon Revised Statutes require ESDs to provide registration services for students not enrolled in public or private school, but for whom parents have chosen home schooling. The WESD provides a centralized registration process for students residing within the 21 school districts throughout Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties. Registration of home school students is required for children ages 7 through 18. If your child turns 7 after September 1, you are not required to register until the following school year.

Parents who choose to home school their children must comply with the following legal requirement as well as testing which is discussed in more detail below:
Provide written notice to the WESD of the intent to home school within 10 days of the date of withdrawal (or choice not to enroll) in public school. (If the child is continuing to home school from the previous year, it is not necessary to provide written notice each school year.)

In order to improve service to home school families within our service area, WESD is using a new computerized system that will give parent(s)/guardian(s) of home school students the ability to manage their own home school data and print documents needed from their account. The on-line system provides the following benefits:

  • DMV Statement of Enrollment (required by DMV to obtain permit).
  • Automated Letter of Acknowledgement at registration and anytime following registration.
  • Automated letter for College Admission.
  • Ability to update information and add student(s) to the parent profile.

Registering as Home Schooling for the first time? Follow these steps:

Home School Registration and follow the instructions to complete registration for your student!    
*****No further paperwork needs to be submitted to WESD when registering on-line and using your account.               

Content Standards 
Required state testing focuses on satisfactory progress in academic areas. Academic content standards and curriculum goals have been developed by ODE and are available on their website. These academic content standards provide a framework for all content areas and are arranged as standards for grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. You may review Content Standards by grade and subject via the ODE website. Parents/Gaurdians are not required to use state content standards for their home school student.

Testing Requirements & Resources
Home-schooled children must be tested before the end of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. The end of the school year is defined before August 15. If the child never attended public or private school, the child must be tested before August 15 following the end of grade 3. If the child was withdrawn from public or private school, the first required examination is not administered within the first 18 months of home schooling even if during that 18-month period is in grade 3, 5, 8, or 10.

Example 1: If a child is withdrawn at the start of his 2nd grade year, the 18 month period will be over midway through 3rd grade and he must be tested by August 15th of  3rd grade.
Example 2: If a child is withdrawn from school at the start of his 3rd grade year, the 18 month period will be over midway through 4th grade. Testing is only required in 3, 5, 8, and 10, therefore, he will not be required to test until the end of 5th grade.

Authorized Testers
The test examiner must be a “neutral” person and one who is qualified to administer such test to the child, and has been approved as a tester by ODE.  The “neutral person” is defined as an individual who is selected by the parent or guardian of the child to be taught at home who has no relationship by bloodline or marriage to the child. The Oregon Department of Education supplies a current list of approved testers.  The ESD may request test results and parents or guardians must provide the results of the test within a reasonable amount of time.

DMV Requirements (Statement of Enrollment)
In 1999, SB 487 was passed and became effective September 1, 2000. It requires proof of enrollment before issuing a drivers permit or license to children under the age of 18. If the student is under the age of 18 and would like to get an Oregon driver’s permit or license, the DMV requires all students to show proof of school enrollment. A “Statement of Enrollment” is available online to the parent by logging in to the WESD home school web application. The law also allows a school district to request the DMV to suspend the driving privileges of a student who no longer complies with Oregon law.

Interscholastic Activities
A home school student interested in participating in interscholastic activities must reside within the district boundaries of the school. Eligibility is contingent upon the student receiving a test score at or above the 23rd percentile on all required examinations. Examinations must be taken by August 15th of each school year and shall be used to determine eligibility for the upcoming school year. The test results must be submitted to the resident school district, not WESD, before activities commence. If a student has taken the examination and is awaiting results, they may participate in activities, including practicing with the team. Guidelines are available through the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) for review.