Student Threat Assessment

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In partnership with public mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice agencies, the Safe Schools and Healthy Students Program provides Student Threat Assessment services to all participating rural school districts in Marion and Polk Counties and all participating districts in Yamhill County.  Services provided include the following:  

  • Initial and annual update training to key staff in schools regarding the "level one" in-building threat screening process of students or situations of concern
  • Consultation to school teams
  • Coordination of “level two” threat assessments in which a trained three-member multi-disciplinary team comes to a school site, assesses risk, and assists in management and intervention planning
  • Preparation of timely written threat assessment summaries following the level two assessment process
  • Providing an education representative on two multi-agency student threat assessment teams that review “level two” assessments, that provide ongoing support for difficult cases, and that can provide a direct pathway to community services, especially for students deemed at high risk.

Additional information regarding Student Threat Assessment  can be found at the following website:

For school teams that are involved in screening potentially violent youth, download one or more of the forms by clicking below:

These protocols are only for use by school districts that have resolved with WESD for Student Threat Assessment service and staff trained in the Level I Protocol assessment process. 

School Districts wishing to resolve for this service may do so by contacting, Keith Ussery at Phone: 503.385.4725

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When to Conduct a Level 1 Assessment PDF
Threat Guide for Administrators PDF
Risk Factors Associated with Targeted Violence PDF
Level I Threat Assessment Protocol PDF
Level 1 Threat Assessment Protocol: Companion Guide PDF
Questionnaires/Interview Forms
English Russian Spanish
Teacher Questionnaire PDF
Parent Interview PDF PDF PDF
Guided Student Interview for Administration PDF
English Russian Spanish
Plan To Protect Targeted Student (PDF, Courtesy of Salem-Keizer School District) PDF
Code of Silence Talking Points PDF
Code of Silence PDF PDF PDF