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What is the Willamette Promise?


    We are a dual credit and career and college readiness program specializing in university credits, advising, and career-related activities to support students as they work toward their future.

    Our goal is that all students will understand their options and have the skills and knowledge to make independent and informed decisions to support their future.

    We offer a variety of dual credit courses transcribed with Western Oregon University (WOU) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OT) that help students to focus on post-secondary education and training. We also partner with industry to help students train for the right career for them, whether that be apprenticeships, trade schools, on-site learning, college, or university.

    Our program offers over 30 dual credit classes to high school students. Paired with career and college exploration and experiences, the Willamette Promise wants to make sure that students see the connection to their future in each classroom and every experience.

    The Willamette Promise is housed at the Willamette Education Service District and proudly serves over 55 school districts from across Oregon.

Benefits for Students

  • - Access to college courses in high school

    - Affordability ($30 per year for as many credits as they earn and we offer fee waivers)

    - Better knowledge of future paths

    - Work-Based Learning

    - Oregon Employability Skills

    - Career fairs

    - Mock interviews

    - Seal of Biliteracy

    - Apprenticeship Week

    - Manufacturing Week

Benefits for Educators

  • - Professional Learning Communities

    - Variety of resources

    - Educator Externship

    - Faculty Support

    - Teacher Collaboration

    - Professional Development Units

Benefits for Districts

  • - Student Engagement

    - Increased College Credit Offerings

    - Individualized data

    - Variety of resources

  • We proudly offer credits through:

    WOU  OIT


Courses offered through Western Oregon University

Course ID Course Name Credits Offered Notes
BI 101 General Biology: The Diversity of Life 4
BI 102 General Biology: The Foundations of Life 4
CH 104 Chemistry and the Environment 4
CH 150 Preparatory Chemistry (without lab) 3 Prerequisite MATH 095
COM 111 Prinicples of Public Speaking 4
CS 160 Survey of Computer Science 4
ED 200 Foundations of Education 3
ED 220 Intro to Early Childhood Eduation 3
GEOG 106 Sustainable World 4
MATH 070 Introductory Algebra 4 Prerequisite MATH 060
MATH 095 Intermediate Algebra 4 Prerequisite MATH 075
MATH 111 College Algebra 4 Prerequisite MATH 095
MATH 112 Elementary Functions 4 Prerequisite MATH 111
PSY 201 General Psychology 4
PSY 202 General Psychology 4
SPAN 101 - 103 First Year Spanish 4 4 credits per course/Can earn 12 credits per year
SPAN 201 - 203 Second Year Spanish 4 4 credits per course/Can earn 12 credits per year
TA 110 Intro to Theatre Arts 3
WR 121 College Writing I 4
WR 122 College Writing II 4

Courses offered through Oregon Tech

Course ID Course Name Credits Offered Notes
BIO 103 Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
BIO 109 Intro to the Medical Sciences 2
BIO 200 Medical Terminology 2
HIST 201 History of Western Civilization 3
HIST 202 History of Western Civilization 3
HIST 203 History of Western Civilization 3
MATH 251 Differential Calculus 4 Prerequisite MATH 112
MATH 252 Differential Calculus 4 Prerequisite MATH 251

Our Team

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