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    WP meetings and events are scheduled a year in advance to support you in getting subs and for planning. Please make sure to get your subs early and plan to attend meetings. Teacher stipends are partially based on attendance at these meetings. If you can not attend a meeting or have any questions, please contact the lead professor for information, or you may email a Willamette Promise staff member for support. 


Faculty Contacts

First Name Last Name Job Title Email
Jim Dawson Biology 101/102 Faculty WOU dawsonj@mail.wou.edu
Steve Scheck Biology 101/102 Faculty WOU schecks@mail.wou.edu
Greg Pak Biology 103/200 Faculty OIT greg.pak@oit.edu
Rosalind McClure Biology 109 Faculty OIT Rosalind.McClure@oit.edu
Patricia Flatt Chemistry 104/150 Faculty WOU flattp@mail.wou.edu
Alex Curry Communications 111 Faculty WOU currya@mail.wou.edu
Becka Morgan Computer Science 160 Faculty WOU morganb@wou.edu
Michelle Abee Geography 106 Faculty WOU abeem@mail.wou.edu
Shaun Huston Geography 106 Faculty WOU hustons@wou.edu
Ryan Madden History 201-203 Faculty OIT ryan.madden@oit.edu
Kendall Rosales Math 111/112 Faculty WOU rosalesk@mail.wou.edu
Timothy Thompson Math 251/252 Faculty OIT timothy.thompson@oit.edu
Sylvia Valdes-Fernandez Math 70/95 Faculty WOU fernandezs@mail.wou.edu
David Foster Psychology 201-202 Faculty WOU fosterd@mail.wou.edu
Kathleen Connolly Spanish 101-203 Faculty WOU connollyk@mail.wou.edu
Claudia Costagliola Spanish 101-203 Faculty WOU costagliolac@mail.wou.edu
Patricia Gimenez-Eguibar Spanish 10-203 Faculty WOU gimenezp@mail.wou.edu
Leigh Graziano Writing 121/122 Faculty WOU grazianol@mail.wou.edu
Casie Moreland Writing 121/122 Faculty WOU morelandc@mail.wou.edu

Willamette Promise Staff Contact Information

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