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    School Safety

    (L-R) Clem Spenner, Rebecca Carpenter, Kristilyn Woolner, Rodney Dean

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    Ordinary school days don’t make the news. But that doesn’t mean ordinary is easy. Oregon’s students face countless challenges and pressures every day - at school, at home, at work and at play. Most are able to cope with the stress. But others turn to self-destructive behavior—cutting, substance abuse and suicide. Sometimes, they focus their frustration on external targets hurting people and property around them. On rare but devastating occasions they become violent at school. School Safety Services is focused on keeping students safe.


    School Safety services include Student Threat Assessment, Sexual Incident Response, Suicide Prevention and Family Support Advocates. These services cover the full spectrum of intervention when there is a risk of violence, self-harm, or other self destructive behaviors that place students at risk for school and life difficulty.  We strive to provide a comprehensive system of identification, assessment, and intervention to assist schools in addressing students who pose a threat to themselves and others.
    The following services are available to participating school districts:

    • Consult to school district staff
    • On-site threat assessment teams
    • Advocacy, mentoring, and supports for at-risk students and their families

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