Communications Projects

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  • The Communications Team at Willamette ESD offers many additional services that require more customization. We are passionate about helping both internal and external partners level up in their branding, projects, and the impact they are already making in the world of education. 

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    Design improves and shapes your community experience through illustrations, space, layouts, and color.

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    Branding is more than logos and tag-lines. A agency shares it’s heart beat through consistent brand identity.

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    A strong brand offers tangible results in recognition, loyalty
    and reach.

  • How We Make It Happen

    As a team, we help districts and programs identify the essential aspects of their role in the community. We facilitate the creation or strengthening of a brand identity utilizing:

    • A query process to identify key audiences and core values
    • Development of a visual identity
    • Establishment of a community impact plan
    • Production of communication materials
    • Infographics
    • Flyers
    • PowerPoint Templates
    • Web and Digital Solutions