Communications Experience

OMESC Branding 2019

  • The 2019-20 school year started out with a blast and the unveiling of the Newly Created OMESC Logo. It was branded and splashed all materials, handouts, presentations, and so on. The first statewide event was the MEP Kickoff In-service which was held at Chemeketa Community College on September 7, 2019. 
    Tracks for the event included, ID&R, Data Collection, School Readiness, Family Engagement, and last but not least Graduation College and Career. As the first MEP Graduation Specialists/Coaches walked in, there was buzz that could be felt. An energy, as the graduation component of the Oregon MEP had just been rolled out the year before, with state allocated staffing monies. The component finally had paid specialist for all MEP programs. As the group started settling down for the first session, I inquired to how everyone was doing and feeling. Immediately, graduation specialist started expressing their likes and content with the new OMESC Logo. They loved the color scheme and new elements combined with the traditional Migrant Education themes of fields and a sunset. They loved the outlined borders shaped as a graduation cap, and the tassle running down parrellel to the fields. 
    Without being said, the unveiling of logo was well recieved and a great way to start the school year. 
    Great Job Team!