• Public Comment Procedures at Board Meetings

    The laws governing boards of education require that their work be done where the public can observe their actions. The law does not require the board to allow the public to comment before the board nor participate in board meetings. However, the Willamette ESD Board of Directors welcomes submitted public comment. The information below is established to ensure fairness and consistency in providing the opportunity for the public to address the Board. The Board Chair may limit total time for public comment.  This is time for the board to listen, not respond to comment. 

    During most Willamette ESD Board Meetings, the agenda will include an item titled “Submitted Public Comments”.  It is during this portion of the agenda that the Board will address items that have been submitted to Board Secretary Tucker.

    This portion of the agenda is a time for the Board to listen, not a time for in-depth discussion or to necessarily respond to questions, as the Board needs adequate time to process the information received to ensure proper steps are taken going forward.  The Board may direct questions to administrative staff to respond to after the meeting.  If input is given related to an action item later in the agenda, the Board will use the input during their discussion or deliberation of that specific item.

    The Board cannot review complaints about specific personnel during an open meeting.  If a patron has a specific complaint against personnel, the Board Chair or the Superintendent can direct the patron to the appropriate complaint process governed by Board Policy.

    If you have comments to submit to the Board:

    • Please email your comment(s) to Board Secretary Tucker at tucker@wesd.org by 1:00 p.m. on the regularly scheduled meeting date.
    • If you have additional written materials or handouts, please include those inyour email.

    Thank you for taking an interest in the services provided by Willamette ESD.