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Professional Learning Events

  • Workshops or Series'

  • Communities of Practice

  • Job Alike Meetings (JAM's)

  • Program Specific Onboarding & Training

Ongoing Technical Assistance


    321 Insight empowers staff to handle challenging behaviors and build trauma-informed mindsets.
    The WESD Technical Assistance site provides access to resources you need to support your district's users. 

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    Connect Oregon is a comprehensive, online directory of services & resources available across the region. This platform will allow users to make immediate referral(s) to necessary services for students & families.

    Please contact us to schedule time for a short connection to determine your training needs. 

    District Agreements Listing

    DESSA is a K-12, nationally standardized, strength-based behavior rating scale that assesses students’ social and emotional competence.

    Contracts: Holly Dalton 503.385.4553 Holly.Dalton@wesd.org

    Technical Assistance: Ron Snively ronald.snively@wesd.org

    Linguava is a full service language service provider with expertise in comprehensive, responsive and high-quality language access with over 230 languages supported.
    Let us help you access translation & interpretation services for your families!

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    RULER is an approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) that teaches emotional intelligence with the goal of creating a healthier, more equitable, innovative, and compassionate society.

    Supervisor: Holly Dalton 503.385.4553 Holly.Dalton@wesd.org

    Team Lead: Amber Gardner 503-385-4763 Amber.Garner@wesd.org

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