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Jan 6-10 Jan 13-17 Jan 20-24 Jan 27-31
1) Review community engagement feedback; 2) Convene an inclusive group to assist with making meaning of the data. 1) Identify themes, patterns, strengths, challenges and gaps resulting from your data. 2) Review disaggregated data achievement data. 3) Organize and group input to attend to students’ mental & behavioral health; increasing academic achievement and reducing disparities. 1) Determine what additional input is needed to ensure themes are representative of community. 2) Use the themes to begin SIA application (starting with strategies and leading into activities and investments). 1) Determine where gaps/challenges exist for focal student populations. 2) Apply an Equity Lens/Tool when examining the disaggregated data. 3) Review the recommendations of Oregon’s Quality Education Commission.
Feb 3-7 Feb 10-14 Feb 17-21 Feb 24-Mar 31
1) Clarify your outcomes. 2) Develop strategies that support your district in generating the changes you wish to see. 1) Continue clarifying your outcomes, strategies and investments. 2) Define priorities to focus on for the next 3 years. 1) Identify and name the specific activities and investments that you believe will advance your strategies and priorities. 1) Provide opportunity for public review and comment on your SIA plan, budget and application. 2) Obtain school board approval of grant application.