Willamette ESD Board of Directors

Willamette ESD Board of Directors Recognized for Outstanding Service

  • Board Recognition

    January 7, 2020 – Willamette ESD Board Meeting



    Willamette ESD Board of Directors:

    Chair Frank Pender – Business Representative

    Vice Chair Larry Trott – Zone 5

    Anne Wylie – Zone 2

    Bill Linhart – At Large Representative

    Mike Riddle – Zone 1

    Dr. Noelle Carroll – Social Services Representative

    Anna Ali – Zone 4

    Alonso Oliveros – Zone 3

    Dr. Sue Monahan – Higher Education Representative


    The month of January is Oregon’s School Board Recognition Month. Willamette ESD is proud to honor our Board of Directors for their unwavering commitment to the success of our agency. Their leadership is critical as we strive to attain our agency’s mission: Success, Achievement, Together… For All Students.


    The Willamette ESD Board of Directors is an outstanding group of dedicated professionals who provide a wealth of knowledge related to education.  They provide an important perspective tempered in experience, community awareness, and a consistent drive for continuous improvement while assuring careful stewardship of public funds.


    The Willamette ESD Board of Directors balances experience with new perspectives and ideas. Dr. Noelle Carroll, Anna Ali, Dr. Sue Monahan and Alonso Oliveros are serving their first term on the Board. Mike Riddle joined the Board in 2014. Bill Linhart began his Board service in 2013. Past chair, Anne Wylie, first served on the Board in 2010. Current vice chair, and past chair, Larry Trott started his service in 2006. Chair Frank Pender’s service started in 1973, when he joined the Polk ESD Board of Directors. 


    Willamette ESD’s administration and staff proudly recognize the Board of Directors for their exemplary service. Their efforts are integral to the success of our agency, and to improving education in Oregon.