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  • Courses Available Fall of 2021

Diesel Technology

  • diesel tech students The Diesel Technology program is for students interested in entry-level positions in the heavy equipment industry or to prepare them in furthering their education/training. Students enrolled in the Diesel Technology program will learn operation theory as well as maintenance and repair of large trucks and off-road equipment. After acquiring the fundamental skills of the trade, students will perform maintenance and repairs on heavy equipment and trucks. Approximately 40 percent of the time will be devoted to theory and 60 percent to lab.

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Health Services

  • health services student The Health Services program is for students interested in pursuing a career in health care. The program provides core skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level employment in the health care field. Class time will be devoted to theory, practicing in the skills lab, and clinical hours providing patient care in a long-term care facility as required for the Nursing Assistant Certification.

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  • female cosmetology students  The Cosmetology program is for students interested in a Cosmetology career. This exciting and creative program offers students the opportunity to engage in the art and science of cosmetology or hair design while earning high school credits and hours toward state licensure. The courses consist of both lecture and lab instruction in all aspects of cosmetology and hair design. Students will study hair design and natural hair care, which are the two major fields of practice that any well-rounded or specialized cosmetologist will need to know. Developing your skills in the art of hair modification and manipulation is a talent you will use throughout a Cosmetology career. This program will provide core cosmetology skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Oregon Health Licensing Agency’s practical and written exam in hair design and barbering. In this 2-year program students can earn approximately 500 hours each year toward the required 1,450 hours necessary to take the Oregon State Licensing exam.

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  • Courses Added Fall of 2022

Manufacturing Technology

  • Manufacturing student This program is available to students interested in engineering, architecture, drafting, design, robotics and compute controlled equipment. The curriculum content is specific to manufacturing, but broad enough for entry level employment or continuing education in a wide variety of manufacturing pathways, i.e., metal, wood, paper, or plastic manufacturing, clothing & textiles, food production, and many more.

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Computer Science/Information Technology

  • Male IT student The Information Technology program is for students interested in computer systems, service, and support. This program provides core skills and knowledge necessary for computer systems, network administration, and security careers launching IT careers in today’s digital world.

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Construction Technology

  • female construction student This program is designed for students interested in entry-level positions in the construction industry. A combination of theory and hands-on experience is applied with the construction of several projects including a house project. Students will receive both classroom and lab instruction, in the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to enter construction careers, apprenticeships, or continuing education. Emphasis is on residential construction including site preparation, foundation construction, floor and wall construction, roof construction, siding, trim, windows and door installation.

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