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    The Cross Functional Equity, Inclusion, and Acheivement Team works with Willamette ESD's School Improvement Services and other agency programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of our educators. 

  • Equity icon Equity

    Equity is the cornerstone of the Student Success Act.  With ongoing support, our Cross Functional Equity and Achievement team will help your systems keep Equity at the forefront. 

  • mental health icon Mental Health and Behavior

    A key element of the Student Success Act, our experts are ready to help your educators meet student behavior and mental health needs.

  • SEL icon Social Emotional Learning

    There are many programs and strategies to create a welcoming environment.  In addition to PAX and RULER, our team is ready to support your educators implement the program that fits your setting.

  • Inclusion icon Instruction

    Cultural inclusion and culturally relevant teaching is specific.  Our team of instructors knows how to help your educators make students feel included in their learning environment.