• Cosmetology students The Cosmetology program is for students interested in a Cosmetology career. This exciting and creative program offers students the opportunity to engage in the art and science of cosmetology or hair design while earning high school credits and hours toward state licensure. The courses consist of both lecture and lab instruction in all aspects of cosmetology and hair design.  Students will study hair design and natural hair care, which are the two major fields of practice that any well-rounded or specialized cosmetologist will need to know. Developing your skills in the art of hair modification and manipulation is a talent you will use throughout a Cosmetology career.  This program will provide core cosmetology skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Oregon Health Licensing Agency’s practical and written exam in hair design and barbering.  In this 2-year program students can earn approximately 500 hours each year toward the required 1,450 hours necessary to take the Oregon State Licensing exam.

Curriculum Content:

  • Cold permanent waving
  • Chemical relaxing treatments
  • Client protection
  • Clinic setting with clients
  • Finger waving
  • Hair coloring, cutting, design, and styling
  • Iron curling and waving
  • Safety, hygiene and bacteriology
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Shampooing (soap and dry)
  • Safety, hygiene and bacteriology
  • Salon studies
  • Salon studies
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Shampooing (soap and dry)
  • Theory and science of cosmetology
  • Thermal services

 Industry Certifications:

  • Oregon State Hair Design and Barbering License

Examples of Jobs/Career Titles:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Hair designer
  • Product representative
  • Salon manager and/or owner