SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Opt-in to Local Proctoring

    Click here and sign up to proctor ACCUPLACER assessments at your site.

    The WESD pre-pays for units. Each assessment is one unit. 

    The WESD makes sure local proctor sites have available units to meet their needs, and then invoices districts for the number of units they have used over a period of time. 

    No district pre-pay is necessary. 

    At this time, units are only $3 each.

    PARA-PROFESSIONAL CANDIDATES - 4 Steps to Becoming Highly Qualified: 

    Please note that our registration process is not currently integrated. Our team must receive and verify registration and payment separately. We appreciate your understanding. 

    Step 1: Request Registration (click here)

      • Request site
      • Enter contact information
      • Use payment link provided on the confirmation page

    Step 2: Pay assessment fee

      • Complete payment for assessments ($3 per assessment)
      • Check email for confirmation, which includes scheduling and test prep resources (please allow up to 2 business days)

    Step 3: Schedule your test

      • Using information provided in the confirmation, schedule your appointment at the chosen site

    Step 4: Take the assessment

      • Arrive to your appointment
      • Pay $25 site proctoring fee, cash or check
      • Complete Test
      • Receive your score report by email or access your scores online (link below)

    Step 5: Share your results

      • Share your results with your district or potential employer

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    Contact Heather Burks at for additional information