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    The Willamette ESD handles ONLY home school registration; we do not provide curriculum or testing or offer suggestions on these materials. For more information about homeschooling in Oregon, please check out the Oregon Department of Education's website. 


    I have decided to home school my child. What are my next steps?


    (1) Notify the Willamette Education Service District:

    Parents must provide written notification of intent to home school a child. Notifications must be provided to the Willamette ESD within 10 days of the date a student is withdrawn (or chooses to not enroll) in public school. If the child is continuing to home school from the previous year, it is not necessary to provide written notice each school year to the Willamette ESD.

    Notification of intent can be mail to: 2611 Pringle Rd SE, Salem, OR 97302


    (2) Register for Home School:

    Parents will register their student(s) online with the Willamette ESD for homeschooling. No further paperwork needs to be submitted to the Willamette ESD when registering online and using your account. Our online registration portal can be found here

    Home School Registration


    Parents also have the option of using the ESD provided form found below in either English or Spanish to notify us of the intent to home school and provide the needed information for us to register your student.

    English - Word  PDF

    Spanish - Word  PDF


  • Home School Portal

    To improve service to home school families within our service area, the Willamette ESD is using an online system that will give parent(s)/guardian(s) of home school students the ability to manage their own home school information and print documents needed from their account. The online system provides the following information:

    • Letter of Acknowledgment at registration and anytime following registration
    • Letter for College Admission
    • Update information and add student(s) to the parent profile
    • Interscholastic Activities

    Home School Registration