• The Willamette ESD handles ONLY home school registration; we do not provide curriculum or testing or offer suggestions on these materials. For more information about homeschooling in Oregon, please check out the Oregon Department of Education's website. 

Notification of Intent to Home School

  • Are students who are schooled at home by a parent or private teacher using materials from a "correspondence school" considered Home Schooler?

  • At what age may students be home schooled?

  • At what age must a child begin home schooling?

  • At what grade level will this child be tested?

  • Does a parent have to notify the school district of their intent to home school?

  • Does the parent need to notify the ESD each year?

  • Student "A" was home schooled for 3rd grade and attended public school for 4th grade. If Student "A's" parents decide to home school for 5th grade, do they have to register again with the ESD?

  • What about the child who is between ages 6 and 18?

  • What about the child who turns 6 after September 1st?

  • What happens if a parent withdraws a student from school with the intent to home school and the parent does not notify the ESD within 10 days?

  • What if parents do not notify the ESD of intent to home school their child?

  • What should the parent do if they move or their child begins attending a public or private school?

  • Who determines what grade a child is in when they notify the ESD?

Educational Materials, Curriculum, and Support

  • How do parents know what to teach?

  • Is the ESD or local school district required to provide educational services?

  • May a home schooled child participate in interscholastic activities?

  • May materials from a correspondence school program be used for home school instruction?

  • Where do parents get education materials?

Testing Information

  • Can a home school student opt-out of testing?

  • Are there any penalties for not adhering to these procedures?

  • How does a person get on the list of qualified examiners?

  • How will the results of the test be evaluated?

  • Must home schooled students be tested?

  • Test Publishers

  • What do parents or guardians need to do with the test results?

  • What if the student does not meet the performance requirements on the test?

  • When must the tests be administered?

  • Which tests may be used?

  • Who is authorized to administer the tests?

  • Who is responsible for the cost of testing?

  • Will the ESD or local school district administer the test to the student?

Credits, Records, Diplomas, Interscholastic Activities, Etc.

  • Can a home school student participate in the General Educational Development (GED) program? If so, when?

  • If home school students return to their public school, is that school required to accept credits for home school education?

  • Where will the student's permanent public school records be kept?

  • Will home school students receive a high school diploma?

Students with Disabilities

  • Who do I contact with questions?

Laws, Data, and Resources

Support and Assistance

  • Are there local support groups that provide assistance to prospective home schooling parents?