SIS Department Goals & Priorities

  • The School Improvement Services department is learner-centered and we are here to serve you. The purpose of the School Improvement Services department goals is to be what our department strives to be. These goals will evolve to meet the needs of those we serve. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are embedded within each goal to meet individuals, programs, and partners where they are to support learning, growth, and belonging. Every staff member, partner, educator, family, and student is valued for who they are and what they believe.



    S - Specific
    M - Measurable
    A - Attainable 
    R - Reasonable 
    T - Timely
    I -  Inclusive
    E - Equitable




    SMARTIE Goals

    Systems and  Partnerships 

    By the Spring of 2022, School Improvement Services (SIS) will create a shared map of the internal partners to strengthen existing agency connections in order to remove barriers, promote access, and create equitable and inclusive educational systems for our customers.  


    By the spring of 2022, the SIS department will have a comprehensive communication plan that includes an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion audit of current modes of communication, documents, and our website, taking into account consultation with customers and various audience members including districts, community partners, students, families, and internal customers, e.g., WESD departments and staff. The communication plan will be implemented by the department before the end of the school year.

    Learner Success
    and Achievement 

    By June of 2023, the SIS department will have a system for generating and evaluating learner voice (all ages) with the equity lens, ensuring representative samples, relative to all SIS programs to evaluate the impact for our end users.

    Professional Learning and Capacity Building

    By the spring of 2022, School Improvement Services staff will increase equitable practices that support the success of all learners by meeting the following benchmarks:

    a. All School Improvement Services professional development will be planned using an equity lens, will include embedded equity strategies, and will use and model culturally responsive and culturally sustaining practices.

    b. 100% of School Improvement Staff will have participated in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion capacity building activities.