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    A consortium is a group of E-rate eligible entities that seeks competitive bids or E-rate funding for eligible services on behalf of its members. Schools and/or libraries can form consortia for the purposes of the E-rate Program to aggregate demand in order to lower prices and promote more efficient use of shared facilities. Willamette ESD files an application on behalf of districts as a consortium to provide internet access.  

    Consulting Services - Application Processing

    We are here to assist you in all aspects of the application process such as:
    • Obtaining documentation and certifications from ODE
    • RFP advising
    • Filing of Form 470
    • Filing of Form 471
    • Completion of Year Review
    • Filing of Form 486 (if a funding commitment is secured)
    • Filing of Form 472 (if a funding commitment is secured)
    • Completion of Invoice Review (if a funding commitment is secured)
    • Assistance with any appeals
    • Audit assistance (if funding commitment is secured) 
    We work directly with USAC to complete PIA and Selective Reviews and prepare all documentation for review responses and appeals as necessary.

    Application Processing Fees





    Commitment of $0 - 9,999



    Commitment of $10,000- 49,999



    Commitment of $50,000 - 99,999



    Commitment of $100,000 - 199,999



    Commitment of $200,000 - 299,999



    Commitment of $300,000 - 499,999



    Commitment of $500,000 or more



    *NOTE: There is a minimum charge for work done on small applications or applications that are denied by USAC.