List of Services and Rates

Administrative and Support Services

  •    Contact: Russ Allen, Executive Director of Business Services
       Phone: 503.385.4611 ∙ E-mail:
    Service Area
    2023-2024 Rate
    Center Services  
         Community Engagement $97.30/hour
         Data Teams $97.30/hour
         Data Analysis Technical Assistance $97.30/hour
         Grant Writing $99.71/hour
         Program & Project Evaluation $97.30/hour
    Communications & Graphic Design $82.76/hour
    Communication Services Packages:  
    Tier 1 $10,000/unit
    Tier 2 $20,000+/unit
    Tier 3 Per Quote
    Courier Delivery Services  
         First Stop $2,875.00
         Additional Stops $1,513.00
    Criminal History Background Checks      District Amount
    Legal Services ($1,000 plus ADMw) $9.59/ADMw
         Oregon Data Suite $1.79/ADMw
         Early Indicator and Intervention System $3.24/ADMw
    Substitute Management Services  
         Frontline Absences Management/Sub Registration $1.76/ ADMw
         Substitute Management Services (EDUStaff) District Amount


Programs For Children With Special Needs

  •    Contact: Margo Williams, Executive Director of Special Education Programs
       Phone: 503.540.4487 ∙ E-mail:
    Service Area 2023-2024 Rate
    Audiological Services  
         Audiological Services $87.80/Hour
         Evaluations - School Age $378.53/Eval
    Autism Spectrum Disorder Services  
         Autism Evaluations - Initial - School Age $2,093.88/Eval
         Autism Evaluations - 3 Year - School Age $948.58/Eval
         Instructional Assistants $76,101/FTE
         Specialists   $127.974/FTE
    Behavior Intervention Programs  
         Oasis $48,676/slot
         Oasis II  
    Behavior Specialist $124,581/FTE
    Braillist Transcription Services  
         Braille Transcription - Literary $57.75/hour
         Braille Transcription - Math $86.63/hour
    EI/ECSE Evaluations $23.55/ADMw
     Nursing Services  
          Registered Nurse $133,609/FTE
     Occupational Therapy (OT) Services  
          OT Specialist $124,178/FTE
     Physical Therapy (PT) Services  
          PT Specialists $134,883/FTE
    School Psychologist Services  
    Psychologist $130,414/FTE
     Speech/Language Services   
          Alternative Augmentative Communication $137,756/FTE
          Speech/Language Pathologist $140,307/FTE
          Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant $82,936/FTE
    Transition Specialist Services - YTP Match  $1,471.10/Slot


School Improvement Services

  •      Contact:  Gretchen Brunner, Executive Director of School Improvement Services
            Phone: 503.385.4725 ∙ E-mail:

    Service Area 2023-2024 Rate
    Control Tower $2.31/ADMw
    Family Support Advocates $152,476/FTE
    Library Media Specialist $72.21/hour
    Mid-Willamette Education Consortium (MWEC)      $0.80/ADMw
    Newcomer/Recent Arriver Transcript Review $100/hour
    School Safety  
         Behavioral Safety Assessment/Sexual Incident Response $3.31/ADMw
         Suicide Prevention $0.00/ADMw
    Willamette Career Academy $5,038.66/slot
    Willamette School Improvement  
         Cost per student $5.29/ADMw
    Willamette Promise  
         Cost per student $3.85/ADMw

Technology Services

  • Contact:  John Nielson, Director of Technology
         Phone: 503.385.4795 ∙ E-mail:

    Service Area 2023-2024 Rate
    Canvas Learning Management System  
         Canvas Licenses $4.33/License
         Studio Licenses $1.71/License
              Implementation Fee $1,500
              24x7 Support Fee $0.87/License
    Cybersecurity Audit Per Quote
         Internet Connectivity $14.62/Mbps
         Last Mile Per District
    Desktop Central $11/License
    Destiny Library Media  Per District
    JAMF Software  
         JAMF IOS $6/License
         JAMF Mac OS $12.00/License
    Network Security/Engineering Services $157,018/FTE
    Notification Services  
         ParentSquare Only $4.50/License
         ParentSquare with Community Groups/Secure Docs $5.50/License
         School Messenger $1.50/ADMw
    PowerSchool Software  
         eFinance $10.60/ADMw
         eSchool Plus SIS $12.60/ADMw
         IEP Plus Sped Information Services $12.60/ADMw
         Level 1 Support $3.50/ADMw
         Level 2 Support $1.45/ADMw
         Apps $0.90/ADMw
         Level 2 Support - Hourly $95/Hour
    SOPHOS Software  
         Server Software & Management $23.99/License
         Computer Software & Management $10.51/License
    Technology Systems Support & Training  
         Technology Support $110,874/FTE
         Technology Training $65/Hour


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