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November Virtual Migrant Events

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    Dear Migrant Family,

    The OMESC is working on the planning of a successful VIRTUAL Migrant Education Program Conference scheduled for Friday, November 5 from 8:15am to 4:00pm, the VIRTUAL Migrant Parent Institute on the morning of Saturday, November 6, and VIRTUAL Migrant Youth Forum from 1:00pm to 4:00pm PDT. The migrant staff have specific sessions designed just for them on Friday, November 5; however, they are welcome to join parents and youth on Saturday, November 6. Parents are attending the morning session and are welcome to join the afternoon session for students in grades 6 through 12. 

    All events are Pacific Daylight Time and registration for the three events are open!  We are working as a team and here are the people who oversee the registrations: 

    We are still working on a DRAFT agenda for the three events. We are still waiting to hear from community members, organizations, and colleges to finalize their presenters at the designated session slots. We expect to update and finalize all agendas soon! More information to follow by next week! Please follow the links to access flyers to share with your migrant colleagues, parents, and students. 

The Migrant Spirit

  • Dear Migrant Family,

    Rosa Gilbert, Migrant Education Program Director of Northwest Regional ESD shared this wonderfull video with everyone. Please read her message.



    I'm emailing to share and celebrate a video about one of our families in region 6, the Lopez family. 


    At our annual kickoff with all Northwest Regional ESD staff, we enlisted Alejandra, a student in the Migrant Education Program to welcome educators. This story represents the culmination of multiple years of developing a supportive, reciprocal relationship with her family.

    Alejandra and her family volunteered to tell a very personal story to hundreds of strangers in large part because of the trust they have in Rosa and Amanda to carry their message forward with integrity.

    The point of sharing this video with the 600+ staff at NWRESD and the wider community is to set the expectation that we listen deeply to student and family experiences and needs as we jump into the school year, especially in the context of this global pandemic.

    Alejandra’s telling of her story models courage. Her story is the story of many of the students we serve as part of the Title 1C program.  Watch - The Migrant Spirit.


    Espero que lo disfruten, 



    Source: Youtube. (n.d.). Northwest Regional Education Service District - YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU02lR0buQ2tLjordTSkapw.


  • Dear Migrant Family,

    We are pleased to share with our migrant family the story of Elizabeth Garcia, a dedicated and engaged farmworker mother. She has been with the migrant program for over a decade and shares her firsthand experiences about services, support and guidance. We hope you enjoy it! 
    [Note: The interview took place in Spanish and the interview transcript was written in Spanish.] Haz un clic aquí para leer entrevista completa...

     Elizabeth Garcia

Recapitulation- Talleres Binacionales para Familias y Estudiantes- From June 21st - 25th

2021 Oregon Binational Teacher Exchange Program


    Dear Colleagues,

    The Oregon Migrant Education Service Center would like to thank regional programs who encouraged migrant families to participate in the Summer Binational Workshops for Families and Students.

    This year the binational workshops  offered stories of the day of the dead (related to a value), social / emotional reading, riddles, elaboration of a riddle, dance of the old men, day of the dead mask, altar of the day of the dead, teaching of socio-emotional education of the Coco movie, tutorial to make the dolls and much more.

    Please follow the links to view the recording and materials used during each session.  

    1. YouTube channel: This can be accessed by specialists, parents, and students at any time to complete the activities. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel to view the recordings.
    1. Cuaderno or Packet para Primaria Cuaderno or Packet para Preescolar for daily Lessons: Daily lessons and activities addressed Social Emotional needs, Reading and Math all around a theme.  Feel free to print the workbook that includes cut out and glue craft activities at the end of it. The pdf workbooks have materials for each week and for the entire duration of the Talleres Binacionales para Familias y Estudiantes.  
    2. List of Supplies for Primaria & Preescolar: For the art activities and cultural pieces in the lessons, there is a hands-on component for each day. 



  • Oregon Migrant Education Service Center's Vision

    Effective, Innovative & Equitable Services 

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    Mission Statement

    Through collaboration, provide leadership, professional development, and consultation to ensure program compliance and academic success of migrant children. 

    The Oregon Migrant Education Service Center (OMESC), in collaboration with Oregon Department of Education's Title I Part C Migrant Education Program, provides professional development, technical support, and program planning consistent with the needs of the regional programs serving eligible migrant students. These needs include, but are not limited to, Identification & Recruitment, Records Exchange, Family Involvement, Bi-national Programs, & Educational Best Practices. Our vision is to provide effective, innovative, and equitable services. 

  • To contact OMESC, please call: 503.385.4678Para ponerse en contacto con OMESC, favor de llamar: 503.385.4678

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