• Behavior Intervention Program

    The Behavior Intervention Program is designed to provide a structured academic setting for special education students demonstrating challenging behavior that interferes with academic progress, and may be disruptive to the learning environment.
    The Behavior Intervention Program is designed to focus on both behavioral and academic progress for enrolled students.  To achieve this progress the program utilizes:
    • Curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards
    • Social/emotional skill building through Collaborative Problem Solving
    • Hands-on learning and pre-vocational skills.
    • Enhanced family engagement
    The Behavior Intervention Program staff work closely with the referring school district throughout the students enrollment in the program.  Program staff communicate regularly with the school district.
    For information contact:
    Ann O'Connell
    Karen Jarshaw
    503.385.4681 (Salem)
    503.474.6919 (McMinnville)