• Augmentative Communication

    The purpose of the Augmentative Communication Services is to provide education-based services for children and students with specialized communication needs. Augmentative Communication Specialists are licensed speech/language pathologists with specific training in the technology, software, systems, and devices that provide communication access for children.

    Who is Eligible?

    Children and students from birth to 21 years of age who are unable to communicate orally, and who need a specialized system to support their educational program may be eligible.

    How are Referrals Made?

    The child's/student's education team, which must include a speech/language specialist, completes a WESD Services Referral Form, which then must be signed by the district director of special education services. The referral form should be sent to WESD, along with

    • A signed parent consent for evaluation
    • A signed release for exchange of information and relevant non-educational agencies, such as CDRC
    • A speech/language evaluation

    What Services are Provided to Districts, Agencies, Children/Students and their Families?

    • Evaluation
    • Consultation and collaboration with educational teams and other agencies
    • Assistance in developing and implementing communication systems
    • Staff training regarding the use of devices
    • Problem solving/troubleshooting equipment and software
    • Preparation of adapted materials
    • Alternative access to curriculum
    • Equipment Loan Library


    Speech and Language

    The Willamette ESD Special Education program provides speech and language services for children/students who are birth through 21 years of age. Children from birth to 5 years of age and students from 5 years of age through 21 years of age who need specialized services to support their IFSP/IEP goals may qualify, though a communication disorder diagnosis is not required. Services for children birth through 5 years of age are provided in homes, intervention groups, toddler groups, clinics, and/or preschools. School-age students are provided services in their educational setting. Depending on the student’s individual educational needs, services can range from direct instruction to consultation services for instructional staff.

    To qualify for speech and language services, a child/student must reside within Marion, Polk or Yamhill counties, and have a speech and/or language delay that meets the state eligibility requirements for Communication Disorder or who may need specialized instruction to support their IFSP/IEP requirements.


    What Services Are Provided to Districts, Children and Families?

    • Evaluation to identify speech, language or hearing difficulties
    • IFSP/IEP development to address communication issues including any of the following: fluency, articulation, voice, language and pragmatics
    • Speech and language services in one or more of the following formats: intervention groups, clinics, speech preschool, language preschool, communication preschool, individual or small group therapy, in-class support, co-teaching, teacher/family consultation, and/or classroom support
    • Consultation with parents, teachers, specialists and other agencies as needed
    • Speech and language information and inservices for school staff and parents
    • Parent education

    Contact Information

    Tonya Coker
    Coordinator EI-ECSE Speech Services
    Marion County
    Phone: 503.385.4586
    Fax: 503.540.4473
    Email: tonya.coker@wesd.org
    Robin Simmons
    Coordinator EI-ECSE Speech Services
    Polk / Yamhill Counties
    Phone: 503.435.5941
    Fax: 503.540.4473
    Email: robin.simmons@wesd.org
    Sonya Hart
    Coordinator K-12 Speech Services
    Phone: 503.385.4575
    Fax: 503.385.4876
    Email: sonya.hart@wesd.org