• Design Team

    The ODS Design Team (formerly Governance Committee) is the guiding force behind the Oregon Data Suite. All changes and updates to the Oregon Data Suite are discussed and prioritized by the Design Team. The Team comprises representatives from school districts the Oregon Data Suite serves, plus representatives from our six ESD partners. Meetings are held monthly online and are open to all districts.   

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    Upcoming meetings

    May 18, 2022  Agenda

    Previous Meetings
    April 20, 2022  Minutes
    March 16, 2022  Minutes
    February 16, 2022  Minutes
    January 19, 2022  Minutes
    December 15, 2001  Minutes
    November 17, 2021  Minutes
    October 20, 2021  Minutes
    September 15, 2021  Minutes
    August 18, 2021  Minutes
    June 16, 2021  Minutes
    May 19, 2021  Minutes
    April 21, 2021  Minutes





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