• Vendor Information

    The Oregon Data Suite works with third party vendors to bring data from their applications into the data warehouse.  This is an automated process freeing the district from the task of performing data uploads.  In order to release the data to us, the vendors may require a signed data release form.
    clip board graphic For information please contact:
    Shannon Badger
    Customer Support Specialist
    Missy Stephenson
    Customer Support Specialist
  • The vendors we currently work with are listed below:

    • easyCBM
    • DESSA
    • DIBELS
    • DIBELSnet/Acadience
    • DIBELS Acadience VPORT
    • DIBELS Amplify mClass
    • DIBELS Next 
    • Evaluate
    • AIMSWeb
    • AIMSWeb Plus
    • NWEA MAP
    • STAR Reading & Math
    • SWIS
    • i-Ready
    • HMH Math and Reading Inventory