Binational Teacher Exchange Program

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    To promote and support such efforts, the U.S. Department of Education and the Ministry of Education in Mexico signed a Memorandum of Under- standing in 1990. The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the following objectives:

    • To reinforce knowledge about the history, culture, values, and national traditions of Mexican-origin students who live in the U.S., strengthening their identity and improving their education.
    • To encourage ongoing communication between U.S. and Mexican teachers in order to share educational experiences that promote continuity of educational practices.
    As national efforts to articulate academic standards among states continue, similar efforts to enhance continuity of education for students moving between nations are increasing as well. One effective way of minimizing educational disruption for students attending schools in more than one country is through teacher exchange programs. Rather than merely addressing the educational needs of one child through telephone consultation or sending textbooks and assignments, teacher exchange programs enhance overall understanding of educational practices, requirements, and expectations among participating nations’ educators and policymakers.
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