Initiative Binational Instructional Exchange

  • The Oregon Initiative for Bi-national Teacher Exchange seeks to facilitate the transition of English-dominant migrant students into Mexican classrooms by exchanging effective instructional practices for second-language acquisition between American teachers and their Mexican colleagues.

    • Our two week program will encourage Oregon teachers to reflect on their own pedagogy to instruct their Mexican colleagues on how to support bi-national migrant students as they transition from an English-dominant environment to a Spanish language school environment.
    • Exchange teachers will contextualize methodologies as part of a pedagogical framework that stresses project-based collaboration and second language development.
    • The goal of the Bi-national Instructional Exchange is to encourage Oregon teachers to precisely model the principles and strategies to support bi-national migrant students as they transition to Spanish-dominant classrooms in México. 
    • Oregon teachers will demonstrate model lessons to their Mexican colleagues to build an understanding of the principles of backwards planning (Understanding by Design), cooperative learning, and the value of project-based instruction.
    • Mexican teachers will engage in a model unit, collecting best practices and connecting them to their own practice through routine reflection.


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