As parents, the safety of our students, their friends and classmates is the most important part of the school experience.  If you are worried about a student, whether it be your own or a classmate that you know of, it is critical that you let people who can help be aware of your concerns. Maybe you feel they may harm themselves, or maybe you're worried they will harm someone else.  There are resources and safeguards available, so please understand that it is more than OK to report your concerns, it could save lives.
    The risk factors listed below may help you think through the situation. 
  •    Does the student display any of these risk factors?

    • The student communicates about the intent to harm others or themselves.
    • The student is focused on a specific person or group of people to harm.
    • The student is making a plan for harming others or themselves.
    • There is a perceived motivation or reason to harm others or themselves.
    • There is a perception of no alternatives to violence.
    • There is a willingness to accept the consequences of violence.
    • The student has an abnormal fascination with weapons, violence, or violent people.
    • Other people are expressing concerns about the student's potential for harm.
    Even if you are unsure, or if you can't identify risk factors such as those listed above, your concerns are important and should be reported.  For more information click on the brochure for your county below.
  • ParentsIf you have concerns of immediate danger, contact Law Enforcement immediately by calling 911.
    To express concerns about a student you believe may have the potential to do harm, call the school and speak to an administrator.
    You can also make a call directly to law enforcement, mental health or the Department of Human Services.  For information about contacts in your county please follow the resource link below.
    No matter your current situation, if you are in search of mental health services to help you and your child, there is help.