Oregon Task Force


    History and Mission — House Bill 4087
    School violence has become all too common in our state and throughout the nation. Recent school attacks have created uncertainty about the safety and security of our schools. In 2014, to address this concern, the Oregon State Legislature enacted House Bill 4087, establishing the Oregon Task Force on School Safety, bringing together representatives from police, fire, school administration, teachers, school boards and service districts, along with the Governor’s education and public safety policy advisers, and legislators. With these key stakeholders at the table the Task Force began its work on accomplishing the three objectives set forth in HB 4087:
    • Develop a request for proposal to create a database of floor-plans for all schools within the state, accessible to authorized users via the Internet.
    • Examine models of existing education and training programs for law-enforcement officials, other first responders and school employees in the areas of school safety and incident response.
    • Examine models for existing protocols for school safety and incident response and consider whether standardized statewide school safety and incident response protocols would be appropriate.
    Student Threat Assessment
    A key element of the Task Force proposal is the development of a statewide student threat assessment system.  The following video provides a brief look at the rationale that drives that proposal. 
    Oregon Task Force on School Safety Materials
    The Task Force is a strong voice in advocating for change to improve school safety in Oregon. The Task Force presented a comprehensive proposal to the Oregon Legislature recommending a four point plan to enhance school safety.  
    The Task Force has developed recommendations and resources to assist policy makers and education leaders in describing the issue and identifying solutions.
    Supporting Documents