• WESD Water Test Results

    The presence of lead in drinking water has become a national concern, especially in schools and facilities that provide services to children.  Governor Brown has encouraged school districts and child care facilities to test their water over the summer, and make needed remediation before students return in the fall.  There is also a set of proposed rules that are being considered by the State Board of Education that will mandate school districts to complete annual tests, and produce public reports every year detailing testing, results and needed fixes. 
    WESD has implemented water testing at all of our sites, and will do so every six years.   
    This year’s testing involved five different sites where WESD has an operational presence.  At those sites, six different water sources were sampled.  Analysis has been completed by Waterlab Corp., an ORELAP accredited laboratory, and no sites show a lead presence that exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s Action Level of 15 parts per billion.  In fact, all sample sites showed no detection of lead in the water.
    To view the results from each site tested see: Full Test Results