Threat Assessment & Sexual Incident Response

    The School Safety Team partners with public mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice agencies to provide Student Threat Assessment & Sexual Incident Response to all participating school districts in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties.
    Services provided include the following:  
    • Initial and annual update training to key staff in schools regarding the Level I in-building threat screening process of students or situations of concern
    • Consultation to school teams
    • Coordination of Level II threat assessments in which a trained three-member multi-disciplinary team completes an on-site assessment of risk, and assists in management and intervention planning
    • Preparation of timely written Level II threat assessment summaries
    • Provision of an education representative on multi-agency student threat assessment teams for Level II assessments
    • Provision of ongoing support for difficult cases, and assistance in establishing a direct pathway to community services


  • Educators

  • Parents

  • Students


  • Threat Assessment

  • Sexual Incident Response

  • Internet/Online

  • Emergency Contact Information

Program Contact Information

  • Marion Center
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