• Catering By Sodexo

    Clark Creek Café

    Clark Creek Cafe Catering and café services at the Willamette ESD Marion Center are hosted by our friends at Sodexo.
    The catering menu offers a wide variety of options for groups both large and small.  From beverage service to full service hot entrées, Sodexo is an experienced and high quality caterer.
    The Clark Creek Café is also available to Marion Center guests and offers breakfast, lunch and beverage options on a drop in basis. 
    Café HoursClark Creek Cafe
    8:00 am-1:00 pm

    Catering Menu

    A la Carte Breakfast
      Each Dozen
    Cinnamon rolls $1.75 $19.25
    Muffins, regular $1.50 $16.50
    Bagels w/ cream cheese  $1.75 $19.25
    Mini bagels w/cream cheese $1.52 $16.50
    Danish, small $1.50 $16.50
    Scones $1.75 $19.25
    Mini Strudel $1.25 $13.75
    Yogurt $1.60 $19.20
    Breakfast bread, slice $1.25 $13.75
    Hard boiled eggs $1.00 $11.25

     Afternoon Breaks & Snacks
    Pretzel bag (per person) $1.50
    Assorted candy bars (each) $1.50
    Chips & dip (per person) $1.50
    Tortilla chips & salsa (per person) $1.25
    Warm soft pretzels (each) $2.00
    Mixed nuts or Trail mix (per person) $1.50
    Yogurt pretzels or Snack mix (per person)  $1.50

     Platters (priced per person – 10 person min. order) 
      per person
    Fresh fruit $2.75
    Fresh veggie $2.50
    Cheese & cracker $2.75
    Cheese, meat & cracker $3.50
    Antipasto $4.00
    Pinwheels--meat, cheese, tortilla  $3.75

     Hot Beverages
    Seattle’s Best Gourmet coffee, reg / decaf  (12 c./ Airpot)  $13.75
    Seattle’s Best Gourmet coffee, reg / decaf  (28 c./Airpot)  $27.00
    Assorted teas (12 c. Airpot/10 asst. teabags) $9.25
    Hot Apple Cider (gallon) $8.75

    Cold Beverages
    Iced tea (gallon, serves 16) $6.75
    Lemonade (gallon serves 16) $7.25
    Bottled juices $2.25
    V-8 juice $2.50
    Canned sodas, 12 oz. (with meal, $1.25) $2.00
    Bottled water (with meal, $1.25) $2.00
    Milk $1.50
    Soy milk, 8 oz. $2.50

     Breakfast (priced per person – 10 person minimum order)
    Continental (each)  
    Pastry, tea, reg. house coffee; 
    add juice
    Deluxe Continental  
    Pastry, juice, tea, fruit, gourmet coffee 
    Bagel Continental  
    Bagels, flavored cream cheese, tea, juice, coffee
    Healthy Start  
    Cut fruit, low-fat yogurt, tea, juice, coffee, bagels w/ low fat cream cheese
    Cereal Bar  
    Assorted cereals with milk, fresh fruit, gourmet coffee, tea and juice. Soy milk additional price.
    Scrambled eggs, hash browns, pastries, bacon & sausage links, fruit & yogurt, coffee, tea, juice
    The Basic  
    Scrambled eggs, roasted rosemary potatoes, bacon or sausage links, biscuits & tea, juice and coffee

     Box Lunches (priced per person – 10 person minimum order)
    Basic bag  
    Sandwich assortment on deli wheat & white bread with potato chips, whole fruit , and cookies. Turkey, ham, roast beef with assorted cheeses. Tuna salad or vegetarian available on request.
    Classic box  
    Sandwich on sub roll, deli breads, or Kaiser roll with deli salad, fruit salad, chips and cookies. Turkey, ham, roast beef with assorted cheeses. Tuna salad or vegetarian available on request. 
    May substitute flavored tortilla for bread.
    Gourmet box  
    Fresh cut fruit, deli salad, chips & gourmet dessert. 
    Sandwich options: chicken breast croissant, smoked turkey panini, herbed Tuna baguette (4), Mediterranean stuffed focaccia (4), turkey bacon wrap, chicken Caesar wrap, turkey cranberry wrap. Deli salads: dill potato, macaroni, California pasta. 
    May substitute flavored tortilla for bread.

    Add: per person
    Soup or chili
    Bottled water
    Build your own deli buffet (10 person minimum order)  
    Meats, cheeses, breads, served w/ deli salad, chips, cookies
    Gourmet deli buffet (10 person minimum order)  
    Premium deli meats & cheeses with deli breads & Kaiser rolls, gourmet spreads & toppings, 2 deli side salads, chips & dessert bars
    Submarine sandwich (12 person minimum order)  
    Turkey, ham, roast beef, or Italian , select cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes & red onions on submarine bread (1 foot serves 4 people) served w/ deli side salad, chips, cookies 

    Luncheon Salads w/bread item & cookies
    Add: per person
    Bottled water
    Classic Chicken Caesar $7.00
    Mandarin Orange Chicken $6.75
    Chef $6.75
    Classic Cobb $7.00
    Popeye Spinach $6.75
    Garden Salad $6.50
    SW Chicken Salad
    Choice of seasoned breadsticks, Focaccia bread, garlic bread, cheese bread or flavored dinner roll

    Current selections are:
    Thai Style Fire and Rice with Chicken
    Cream of Potato
    Creamy Garden Vegetable
    Golden Broccoli Cheese
    Tomato Basil
    Chicken & Dumplings
    French Onion
    Garden Vegetable with Rotini
    Home-style Chicken Noodle
    Split Pea with Ham
    Vegetable Beef Barley
    N.E. Clam Chowder

     Hand-Tossed Pizzas 16", cut in 8, 10, or 12 slices
    Italian sausage, pepperoni or Hawaiian  $13.75
    Four cheese and tomato $13.75
    Very vegetarian $13.75
    Pizza sides:  Per person
    Green salad
    Pizza Buffet
    Breadsticks, Caesar salad, assorted soft drinks, and one of the following desserts: 2 cookies; brownies; seasonal fruit pie; layer cake; fresh fruit cup

     Hot Entrees (Priced per person – 10 person minimum order)
    The three choices below served with bread, salad, choice of accompaniment & dessert  
    Gourmet chicken your way
    Choose: piccata, dijonnaise, teriyaki, parmesan, Cordon Bleu
    Baked Meatloaf
    Chicken bento (breast) Yakisoba noodles
    The three choices below served with fresh bread, salad, and dessert  
    Baked lasagna
    Choose: meat & cheese, vegetarian, 6 cheese
    Chicken or beef on tortillas
    Country Fried Steak w/country gravy & green beans

     Specialty Buffets (priced per person – 10 person min. order)
    Add: per person
    Bottled water
    Pasta w/breadsticks, Caesar salad, cookies $9.25
    Choose: fettuccini alfedo, penne with vegetarian marinara,
               or radiattore with creamy pesto
    Add to above sauces:
    Ground beef (per person)
    Chicken (per person)
    Orient Express $10.50
    Teriyaki chicken breast, vegetable fried rice or Yakisoba noodles, stir-fried vegetables, oriental salad, egg rolls, & fortune cookies
    Tater Temptations $9.00
    Oversized baked potato w/cheddar cheese, bacon bits, hot chili, diced chicken, diced tomato, sour cream, and salsa. Served with a green salad or Caesar salad & cookies.
    Fiesta Luncheon $10.00
    Soft tortillas with lettuce, taco meat, beans, cheese, and other toppings, served with a cookie
    Enchiladas, black beans, Spanish rice, chips & salsa, served with fresh fruit and cookie
    Hamburger/Hot Dog $9.25
    Hot ¼ lb. hamburger and sausage dogs with assorted toppings, deli salad, seasonal fresh fruit, chips, cookies.
    Add: baked beans (per person)
    Tossed Salad Buffet $10.00
    Gourmet mixed greens with seasonal salad toppings, dressings, bread item, and cookies 
    Taco or Nacho Salad Buffet   $10.25
    Grilled Chicken or Taco Meat, Mixed Greens, Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Ranch, Olives, Salsa, and assorted cookies 
    Upscale BBQ $13.50
    We make our own fresh herb marinade for chicken & steak and BBQ them at your event

     Afternoon Breaks & Snacks (8 person minimum order)
    “Give Me A Break” Combos  per person
    Afternoon Snack Break  $4.50
    Snack mix, pretzel bags, large soft pretzels w/ mustard, coffee, assorted beverages
    The Basic Break  $4.00
    Cookies, snack mix, cold beverage & coffee
    7th Inning Stretch  $4.25
    Soft pretzels with mustard, peanuts & popcorn, soft drinks and bottled water 
    Lite & Lively!  $5.25
    Fresh veggies with dill dip, cheese & cracker platter, yogurt pretzels, chewy granola bars, assorted bottled fruit juices
    Fiesta  $5.00
    Tortilla chips with nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream & salsa, warm churros, spiced iced tea, and cold beverages 
    English High Tea $6.00
    Finger sandwiches, mini scones with strawberry preserves, strawberries with whipped cream & brown sugar, assorted herbal tea selections
    Snack Attack  $6.25
    Break basket of candy bars, pretzel bags, Nutri-Grain bars, mixed nuts, chips, fruit, coffee & assorted beverages

     Hors D'oeuvres (prices per person; 10 person minimum order)
    Call for consultation; the following list is a sampling of what we can prepare. Standard presentation is serving hot in chafing dishes. OTHERS AVAILABLE
    Mini Quiche  $4.25
    Pot Stickers  $4.25
    Swedish Meatballs   $3.50
    BBQ Meatballs   $3.25
    Sweet-‘n’-Sour Smokies   $3.50
    Poppers (cream cheese-filled jalapenos)   $3.00
    Breaded Zucchini   $4.00
    Stuffed Mushrooms   $4.50
    Hors D’oeuvres Receptions available on request.  

    Special Desserts 
    Specialty custom-decorated cakes   (call for quote)
    Ice Cream Social   per person
    Classic: vanilla ice cream, chocolate topping, whipped cream, nuts
    Deluxe: vanilla & chocolate ice cream, two toppings, fruit topping, whipped cream & nuts. Try a banana split!
    Gourmet: your choice of 3 flavors of ice cream, three toppings, fruit topping, whipped cream & nuts--try Cherries Jubilee!
    Add cookies to any Ice Cream Social (per person)    $0.50
    Brownies   $1.50
    Seasonal fresh fruit cup   market price
    Ice cream sandwiches, creamsicles, fudgesicles   $2.25
    Gourmet bars   $3.75
    Angel food- or pound cake   $2.75
    Cheesecake, mousse cake, Snickers Blitz   $3.25
    Cream-filled or seasonal fruit pie   $1.75
    Gourmet cakes & pies   $2.75
    Fresh baked cookies  
     1-10 dozen
     11-20 dozen
     21 dozen & up