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School Readiness Overview

  • The School Readiness Page on the OMESC Website has as its main function to Promote and Share Presentations and Materials that will aid the Migrant School Readiness Specialists in the state of Oregon.  The whole purpose of having Migrant School Readiness Specialists is to help promote Migrant students to be ready for Kindergarten.  The overall goal of the Migrant Program is to have students not only Graduate from High School, but then to follow a Career or Education Path.  One of the best predicters for Graduation is if students pass the 3rd Grade State Assessments in Language Arts and Math.  One of the best predicters for passing state Assessments is if they enter Kindergarten “Ready to Learn”.  If Migrant students enter with developmental skills below their peers, the Migrant program will be providing remedial support all through Elementary School.  If however, Migrant students enter with developmental skills above their peers, they will enjoy enrichment and support and have a higher chance of success.  In Oregon the School Readiness Specialists provide support to students through: 1) Promoting and Aiding Migrant students to participate in Preschools like Migrant Head Start, etc.; 2) Providing direct instruction to students through Migrant Preschools and Summer Schools and 3) Training parents and providing lessons for Migrant students in their homes.


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