Home School Overview

    Do you have children in high school who are thinking about the next steps after graduation?
    The Chemeketa Polk Center would like to help you explore their options by inviting you and your high school student to a homeschool parent and student focused workshop:
    Oregon Revised Statutes require ESDs to provide registration services for students not enrolled in public or private school, but for whom parents have chosen home schooling. The WESD provides a centralized registration process for students residing within the 21 school districts throughout Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties. 
    IMPORTANT:  Effective July 1, 2016, Oregon Senate Bill 321 will change the compulsory age of attendance from 7 to 6 years old.
    Beginning in the fall of 2016, registration of home school students is required for children ages 6 through 18. If your child turns 6 after September 1, you are not required to register until the following school year.
    Parents who choose to home school their children must comply with the student registration requirement, which may be completed by using the 'Enrollment' link to the left, as well as testing which is referenced in the 'Testing Requirements' link on the left. 


Program Contacts

First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone #
Michelle Alexander Home School Registrar michelle.alexander@wesd.org 503.385.4623
Keith Ussery Deputy Superintendent keith.ussery@wesd.org 503.385.4725