• Services provided to children between Kindergarten and 12th grade

    • Audiology Services

      Testing is provided to determine whether a student can hear within the normal range, and if not, which portions of hearing are affected. Recommendations and referrals for services are provided to students with hearing loss.

    • Augmentative Communication

      This program provides education-based services for children and students with specialized communication needs.

    • Behavior Intervention Program

      This program is a small school environment focused on teaching students skills for success across all settings: academic, social, emotional, family and community.

    • Juvenile Detention Education Program

      This program provides educational services to students detained at the Marion County Juvenile Department detention facility.

    • Oregon State Hospital Program

      This program provides students a flexible, motivational environment which fosters an engaging and relevant education through the collaboration of hospital services and education for the hospitalized child.

    • Speech and Language Services

      School-age students are provided services in their educational setting. Depending on the student’s individual educational needs, services can range from direct instruction to consultation services for instructional staff.

    • Youth Transition Program

      This program is designed to assist high school students with diagnosed disabilities prepare for competitive employment when they leave high school.