Oregon Educator Professional Development Certification (OREPDC)

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    The following information applies to individuals who are not employees of Willamette ESD.  If you are currently employed by WESD, please click HERE.

  • Non-Willamette ESD Employees: PDU Verification

    If you are a substitute teacher*, are employed less than half-time and/or are not currently working for an Oregon school district or charter school, you must register using the OREPDC website to have your PDUs verified.  The registration process will gather your basic information and requires that you pay the $25.00 PDU Verification Fee.  Upon successful registration, you will be randomly assigned to one of the four ESDs who are processing PDU verification for TSPC, and you will receive an email from your assigned ESD with specific instructions on completing the verification process. 

    * TSPC has issued a temporary waiver of PDU requirements and verification for individuals holding a substitute license; these license holders do not need to have their PDUs verified for renewal of their license.  The waiver does not apply to individuals holding any other license type, even if they are working as substitutes.


    TSPC Application

    In addition to completing the PDU verification process described below, you will also need to submit your renewal application and renewal fees with TSPC.  Please review the TSPC website for instructions on submitting your eLicensing Renewal Application and for paying the renewal fees.  The renewal application and renewal fees are submitted directly to TSPC; if you have any questions about either of these, you will need to contact TSPC directly.


    PDU Verification

    If you have been assigned to Willamette ESD, please review the PDU verification information below.  Once Willamette ESD receives all of your required documentation, your PDUs are typically verified and approved within two weeks.  If you receive a request for additional documentation or information related to your PDUs, it is important to supply the requested information as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing your PDU verification.


    Required Documentation


    How to Submit Documentation

    Please submit all documentation together at the same time.  We are unable to track individual documents if they are not sent together with your entire packet.  All documents may be sent using any of the following options:

      • US Mail:
        Willamette ESD
        Attn: HR - PDUs

        2611 Pringle Rd. SE
        Salem, OR  97302

      • Fax:


    Educators are required by TSPC to:

    1) track completed PDUs and enter them on a Log of Professional Development Activities To determine the number of PDUs required to renew your active or expired license, click HERE.

    2) ensure that PDUs fit within one of the seven professional development “standards.”  For more information on the Seven Standards for Professional Development (OAR 584-090-0110), click HERE.

    3) provide supporting documentation for each activity.  Supporting documentation would be some type of proof that you completed the activities listed on the log.  This might be certificates of completion, certificates of attendance, official transcripts, etc.

      • Supporting documentation needs to clearly indicate all of the following information:
        • your name
        • title of activity
        • date of activity
        • number of PDU hours/college credits earned
      • You may also submit a completed Verification of Attendance form in lieu of certificates of completion/attendance for any activities that do not provide such a certificate.  To be considered valid and accepted for your PDUs, this form must be signed by the event sponsor.
      • TSPC will not allow us to accept PDU activities that cannot be verified as completed.  Activities such as reading a book, watching a video, etc. cannot be used, as those activities cannot be verified.  Similarly, if a certificate of completion is submitted, but does not include your name, completion date, numbers of PDU hours earned, etc., then we will be unable to verify that activity.
      • If you are using college coursework to meet some/all of your PDU requirement, you must submit an official (unopened) transcript to WESD along with your Log of Professional Development Activities.  WESD is unable to use or access any transcripts you've sent to TSPC; we must receive our own official transcript.  Credit may be earned at a community college, college, or university for course numbers 100 or greater; in other words, either undergraduate or graduate level credit is acceptable.  Coursework counts as follows:
        • One quarter credit = 20 PDUs
        • One semester credit = 30 PDUs
      • Except for college coursework, PDUs are calculated as one hour of “seat time” equaling one PDU.
        • 1 clock hour = 1 PDU
        • 30 minutes = .5 PDU
        • 15 minutes = .25 PDU, etc.


    Once your PDUs have been reviewed and verified:

    • You will receive a confirmation email from Willamette ESD
    • TSPC will receive electronic notification that your PDUs have been approved


    Forms, Helpful Links & Other Resources

    Log of Professional Development Activities (required form used to list all activities claimed toward PDU requirement) 

    Verification of Attendance (form used in lieu of certificate for activities not providing certificates of completion, etc.; must be signed by event sponsor)

    PDU section from TSPC's website (PDU verification requirements including # of PDUs required for both active & expired licenses)

    HELP section from OREPDC website (OREPDC registration instructions and information)

    Below are a few links to help you find useful and affordable PDU options:

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