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About WESD

The Willamette ESD is a multi-faceted agency with a workforce of over 450 highly skilled and caring professionals. Our agency is a student-centered organization serving 21 Oregon school districts with a student population of over 99,000 students (K-12).  

Willamette ESD provides approximately 61 services related to Special Education, Technology, School Improvement, and Administrative Services that school districts may purchase from our agency. We also administer numerous grants and contracts to support education in our region and across the state.  

In a recent survey, 94% of school district respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the services they received from our staff. This is the ninth year in a row our service rating was 94% or higher.  

We take great pride in our agency's emphasis on customer service. This year, our school districts were 96% either satisfied or very satisfied with our level of customer service. Simply put, our employees do an amazing job of supporting the school districts in our region. Their skills and commitment produce life-changing services for the children and students of our community! We are proud of our role in the education community. Our agency mission is the touchpoint that guides us in all of our endeavors. Our Mission Statement is Success, Achievement, Together...for All Students.

Our mission statement is built on five Core Values agreed upon by WESD staff and our partners.  The Core Value concepts are:

 Equity | Excellence | Innovation | Integrity | Partnerships