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WESD Board Policies

WESD Board Policies

WESD Board Policies provide the framework that guides the operation of the agency.  They establish the purposes and prescribe in general terms the organization and programs of WESD.  Our policies are organized according to a national classification system developed by the National School Boards Association.  The policy manual for WESD is hosted online by the Oregon School Boards Association.  Links to WESD Board Policies, and information relating to those policies, is provided below.

Policy Information

WESD Board Policies are established, and regularly updated, by the WESD Board of Directors.  Policy provides consistent guidelines for WESD staff, informs the public of agency operations and provides a sound basis for accountability.  Policy is written to intentionally provide general direction, not detailed instructions for staff.  When more specific governance is appropriate, policies can be supported by administrative regulation.  These provide, where needed, the details needed to properly implement policies.  These details may include procedures, requirements and/or prohibitions that clarify operations for staff and the public.  Not all policies need administrative regulations. 

Policy Links

All WESD Board Policies and the Policy Search Engine

Board Governance (Sections A/B)

Administration (Section C)

Fiscal Management (Section D)

Support Services (Section E)

Facilities (Section F)

Personnel (Section G)

Instruction (Section I)

Students (Section J)

Community Relations  (Sections K/L)