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Budgets and Financial Reports

Our Children at Work

Each year Business Services produces a budget that represents a financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year.  The plan determines how funds are allocated and spent toward programs that provide educational and support services to school districts.

BUDGET PROCESS - in brief - After careful analysis, revenue estimates are developed.  Current and prior year expenditures for all funds and programs are analyzed.  Meetings with each component school district determine service needs for the upcoming year.  The budget is then prepared.

Notice of the Budget Committee Meeting is published.  The Proposed Budget is distributed to the Budget Committee and made available to the public.
During the Budget Committee meeting the Superintendent delivers the Budget Message and the Executive Director of Business Services gives the proposed budget presentation.

The Budget Committee has an opportunity to ask questions, obtain clarification or request revisions to the budget and the public has opportunity to testify before the budget committee approves the Proposed Budget. 

The Approved Budget must be presented at a public hearing.  Notice of the Budget Hearing is published and posted on the WESD website. At the Budget Hearing the approved budget is presented to the Board.  The public again has opportunity to comment.  If the Board deems no changes are needed the Board adopts the budget, which becomes the financial plan for the new fiscal year. 

Proposed Budgets 

Adopted Budgets 

Financial Reports

Each year Willamette ESD goes through an audit and produces an annual financial report detailing the agency's financial condition and revenues and expenditures for the year.  The reports for the last 5 years are below.