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Referrals - EI.ECSE

Early Intervention & Early Childhood Special Education (EI.ECSE) Referrals

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EI.ECSE: Birth to Age 5

To qualify for services, a child must be under the age of six years old; reside in Marion, Polk, or Yamhill Counties; and have a developmental delay or sensory impairement that meets the state eligibility guidelines related to one or more of the following: Speech, Motor, Social, Behavior, Cognitive, Vision, or Hearing.

When should I call the EI.ECSE Program?

Call the EI.ECSE Intake Line about any baby, toddler or preschool child whose development seems slow and who might need some kind of special services, especially if child has problems with how she/he:

  • Talks
  • Walks
  • Sees
  • Hears
  • Responds to others
  • Plays
  • Learns

Who can call the EI.ECSE program about a child?

  • Family members may submit our EI.ECSE Online Referral Form (English\Spanish).
  • Medical Providers/Physicians should fill and fax the Universal Medical Referral Form, in either English or Spanish.
  • Preschools may complete and fax the Universal Referral Form, in either English or Spanish.
  • Friends are invited to call our intake specialists at the number(s) listed on this page.
  • Any community agency may call our intake specialists at the number(s) listed on this page.

Check your child's development: ASQ Oregon online (available in Spanish)

To refer a child in Marion, Polk or Yamhill Counties, please contact one of our Evaluation Intake Specialists:

Intake Line: 503.385.4714
Toll-Free: 1.888.560.4666, Ext. 4714
Fax: 503.540.2959 or 503.540.2948