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Sensory Play

Messy Play

kids hands play with sensory items

Sensory play (think water play, play dough, mud pies, the sand box) boosts a child’s development. Thinking skills, increasing hand strength, creativity, tolerating new textures and staying calm are just a few ways children grow with sensory play.

We’ve included “recipes” that provide hours of fun, exploration, discovery and learning! Most of these recipes use everyday ingredients. While you are “cooking” to make these recipes, have your child join in the fun. They can scoop and pour, stir and knead.

You may ask yourself, “Isn’t this going to be way too messy??”  We have got you covered! Included here is a “How To Get Started With Messy Play” article that was written by Naomi Harper, one of WESD’s specialists. It has great suggestions that are tried and true from her classroom to help everyone learn how to do messy play and keep the mess contained and workable in most houses.

Getting Started wtih Messy Play English and Spanish