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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness & Teacher Loan Forgiveness

WESD is a "qualified employer", meaning that the agency's employees may qualify for loan forgiveness if they meet the requirements (working full time, have eligible loans, etc.).

If you would like to apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program or the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the Federal Student Aid website to make sure you qualify
  2. Download the applicable forgiveness application form
  3. Fill out sections 1 & 2
  4. Submit the form to Katelyn Bye in Human Resources to verify employment (HR will fill out the Employer Section)
  5. Once you receive the form back, submit it to Federal Student Aid
WESD Employer Identification Number (EIN): 93-6002529
*Please Note: Average processing time for WESD signatures is 7 business days. 


Katelyn McGill

Katelyn Bye
Human Resources Specialist