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ORSkills is available for your local work samples.  The samples are still well aligned to ELA and Math Standards, except there are no samples that reflect the new data literacy standards.  

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Assessment of Essential Skills Waiver

During the 2021 legislative session, the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed Senate Bill 744 which directed the Oregon Department of Education to engage with community members and review state requirements for high school diploma options, as well as to review state requirements related to demonstrations of proficiency in Essential Skills. ODE has completed the SB 744 Report, Community-Informed Recommendations for Equitable Graduation Outcomes. The report provides recommendations for consideration by the Legislature and State Board of Education; it does not change any current policy. The Assessment of Essential Skills policy remains suspended by SB 744 through 2023-24.

ODE plans to present to the Senate Education Subcommittee and State Board of Education in September 2022. ODE will communicate with districts and the public regarding any policy actions related to high school diplomas in Oregon as they are made by the Legislature or State Board in the coming session or meeting, respectively.

Note: SB 744 applies to the assessment of Essential Skills requirements for receiving a Regular or Modified Diploma and does not suspend the local performance assessment requirements for students in grades 3 through 8 and at least once in high school. Though not related directly to assessment, it is important to note that the education plan, education profile, and extended application graduation requirements remain in place, as well.

For additional information or questions regarding SB 744, please contact

Questions regarding the Assessment of Essential Skills Waiver or Local Performance Assessment requirements, please contact Tony Bertrand, ELA Assessment Specialist or Andrew Byerley, Matehmatics Assessment Specialist.

Please contact if you have any questions about the ORSkills system.
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