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Steps To Take If Your Willamette ESD Equipment Has Been Lost Or Stolen

  • Within the first four (4) hours:

    1. Notify your direct supervisor of loss.

    2. If stolen, report loss to police.

    3. Contact the Helpdesk at 503.385.4849 and submit a Technology Work Request advising of the loss.  This should include a complete narrative of all equipment lost, a description of the situation around the loss, etc.  You can also submit this information via email to


  • By the end of the first working day:

    1. The Technology Department will provide you with some identifying information about your lost equipment, including make, model, and serial number. Write down this identifying information for your reference. 

    2. If stolen, contact the police department again to update them with the identifying information provided by the Technology Department.

    3. Complete an inventory of all data stored on or with the equipment, including any student or staff information.

    4. Provide this data inventory to your supervisor.


  • By the end of five days:

    1. If stolen, obtain copies of the police report and provide to Technology Department and Business Office.