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Willamette ESD offers school nursing services for districts that require additional assistance to manage specific health needs. Registered nurses assist school districts in maintaining compliance with federal/state mandates and 504 requirements for student health issues. Services can be purchased through Resolution dollars or by individual contracts.

Eligible students include special education and regular education children (birth through 21 years) who have special health needs such as seizures, asthma, severe allergies (food or insect bites), diabetes, shunts, Gastrostomy tubes, tracheotomies or catheterizations.

Services may include

  • Development of Health Management Plan (HMP) and Transportation/Bus Protocol which is updated annually and as needed
  • Training of staff per HMP, including anticipated emergency tasks such as administration of Epi-pen injection, Glucagon injection, Diastat
  • Provide annual training for district staff that supports the health and safety of students and staff
  • Delegation of nursing tasks (i.e. G-tube feeding, tracheotomy suctioning, insulin dosing) which are student specific
  • Consultation with school teams regarding health needs in the educational setting
  • Assistance to districts with hearing and/or vision screening
  • Consultation in the development of IEP/IFSPs and 504 Plans

Referral for Nursing services for WESD Consortium School Districts

Contact Information

    Coordinator: Jack Fields
    Phone: 503.385.4807  Fax: 503.385.4876