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Early Indicator & Intervention System (EIIS)

What are the strongest predictors of graduation? Research has identified attendance, behavior, and course performance as powerful predictors of high school completion. Our easy-to-use Early Indicator & Intervention System helps you identify students at-risk of academic failure allowing you to focus your energy on helping students succeed.

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  • Student attendance rate
  • Number of days absent
  • Number of days attended


  • Number of suspensions and expulsions
  • Number of other incidents

Course Performances

  •  Number of credits earned 
  •  Percent of credits earned out of credits attempted
  •  GPA (cumulative and/or current)
  •  Number of Ds and/or Fs

How will an Early Indicator & Intervention System benefit my teachers? Teachers can easily view student assessment scores (including Smarter Balanced), attendance, discipline, and course performance data to identify students that are At Risk of academic failure. Individual student pages can also be created so teachers can share information with parents. Teacher and student pages are completely customizable to meet your district's needs. 

Please contact Colleen Henry, 503.385.4509, Shannon Badger, 503.540.4446, or Missy Jacobsen, 503.385.4780, with questions or to schedule an overview of the Oregon Data Suite and Early Indicator & Intervention System.

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