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What is the ODS?

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Oregon Data Suite (ODS) is a robust suite of data services that provides educators with an easy-to-use tool to monitor and analyze key indicators of student success. ODS is an intuitive platform that allows administrators and teachers to use visual dashboards to transform district, building and student level data into usable information.

Developed by Oregon educators for Oregon educators, we’ve been deeply committed to student success for over 15 years. ODS is aligned with Oregon education initiatives and is highly customizable.

Our system presents the data in the most digestible and user-friendly way. Using charts and graphics, ODS can analyze and compare information from several angles—including by student, student group, school, and district.

Data is your vehicle to student success, and a comprehensive, user-friendly system is your GPS. But what if you need help making the information meaningful and actionable? Along with workshops in using ODS/EIIS and interpreting data, the Willamette ESD offers services in data analysis, program evaluation and report writing to help you get the best learning outcomes for your students.

Data is pulled nightly from several systems so you’re getting the fullest picture possible of each and every student. And, the ODS/EIIS stores data, so you can get a historical snapshot as well as a current one.

Whether you need information to address new ODE initiatives or to address a challenge at the building level, ODS is flexible enough to keep up with your changing needs. Users can customize reports to follow the metrics important to them.

For districts seeking an Early Warning System solution to assist in identifying students who may need additional supports to graduate high school, we offer the Early Indicator & Intervention System (EIIS) at a lower cost. (See feature comparison chart, far right.)

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