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Oregon Textbook & Media Center

Oregon Textbook & Media Center  (OTMC)

OTMC is a state and federally funded center serving all Regional Programs, the Oregon School for the Deaf, and the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Students served must be eligible as a student with a vision impairment as identified in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 581-015-2180). OTMC provides textbooks and supplementary materials in accessible formats for state adopted curriculum, (braille, large print or audio formats).  Supplementary materials may include, Braillers, recorders, paper, rulers, abacus, and computer software. For younger students, equipment include toys and manipulatives to support concept development and pre-reading skills.


Books and Materials

Books and materials available from OTMC are obtained one of three ways:

  1. Federal Quota Funds—Books and materials may be purchased by OTMC through the American Printing house of the Blind.
  2. OTMC will contact and search other agencies that may have the books already produced. When identified, OTMC will purchase the books available in the format requested.
  3. If the material/book is unavailable already transcribed, OTMC will transcribe the book into Braille or reproduce into large print.

Packing Slip for Damaged Equipment
Packing Slip for Undamaged Equipment
Packing Slip for Requested Hardcopy Books
Packing Slip for Returned Textbooks

Teacher Login  

Teachers, please note: If you have forgotten your password, please contact one of our staff above by phone or e-mail.


National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)


Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired (TSBVI): Braille Instruction Resources


The Hadley School for Professional Studies: Introduction to Braille

Important Links


American Printing House for the Blind


National Library Service


National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)


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Regional Program Services for Vision Impaired


Talking Book and Braille Services

Contact Information: 

 First Name   Last Name  Job Title Email Address Phone #
Brian Yoder Manager 503.540.2940 
LaStasha Kellogg Material Production Specialist  503.540.2941
Fax Line       503.385.4716
Dana Pedersen Coordinator  503.385.4575